Victron Quattro 48/10000/140/100/100 8000W Inverter/Charger



Part No: VIC-QUATTRO-48-10000-140-100-100 Storage Systems – Charger-Inverter

The Victron Quattro is the larger inverters in the Victron range. It has 2 x AC inputs for typical connection for grid and generator further on it has same features as the Multiplus.
Quattro has 2 AC outputs, which one is for backup (critical loads) and second AC output is for Non-essential loads

Parallel up to 6 inverters and can be used in three phase solutions (6 x sets) @ 180KVA

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VCOM-QTRO-48-10K-SMT-MPPT-RS450-200TR Victron Quattro 48-10000-140-100-100 & SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/200 Tr
VIC-3P-QUATTRO-30KVA-FW40 Victron 3 Phase Commercial package 30KVA With FW-40KWh
Included in Kit
KIT-VIC-QUATTRO-10-48-BU Quattro 48-10000-140-100-100 Backup
KIT-VIC-QUATTRO-8-48-BU Quattro 48-8000-110-100-100 Backup