Solis Export Power Manager PLUS 5 Gen - 3ph for Up to 80 inverters



Part No: SOL-EPM3-5G-PLUS Display – Power Management

Solis EPM 5G Plus
The control centre for smart energy management
The Solis Export Power Manager is the ideal solution for smart energy management for both residential and commercial systems. The unit allows you to adjust export values to satisfy local network regulatory requirements.
Energy management with the Solis Export Power Manager allows for higher self-consumption and efficient use of the locally generated PV power.
Easy to Use
Active power limitation and control at the grid-connection point
Automatic, intelligent control of loads with up to 80x Solis inverters (only 10x Maximum to comply with UK G100!)
Easy commissioning with the PV System Setup Assistant
SolisCloud monitoring platform
Several standardised meter interfaces
Individual specifications for controllable appliances
Only suitable for Solis inverters made after November 2019
Solis do not provide CT clamps with these devices and they must be sourced separately – the secondary current for the CT should be 5A