Solis 3phase Meter DTSD1352 with 3x150A:5A CTs



Part No: SOL-METER-3PH-CT3 Display – Power Management

Three phase meter with external CTs for Export Limitation with Solis 3-phase inverters. This Solis meter is an exceptional device that allows the calculation of electricity consumption on selected inverter models, you will be able to manage the electric demand perfectly for export limitation and adherence to grid regulations.


Product features
Temperature measurement
Remote communication and Control
Measurement of various electrical parameters
NB. This meter should be used with single inverter deployments only.
Solis 5kW > 20kW 3-phase 4G Models: Full 24hr net power and consumption monitoring with export limitation
Solis 25kW > 40kW 3-phase 5G Models: Only PV production monitoring and export limitation
For monitoring with Solis Cloud a Solis LAN or Wi-Fi data logging stick is required.
SOL-DLS-LAN – Data Logging Stick – wired LAN
SOL-DLS-W – Data Logging Stick – WiFi
Comes supplied with 3x 150A:5A CTs. 
This meter is recommended for 1 inverter only. If your meter is not calibrated perfectly, please refer to the App Note in the documents tab below for a quick and easy set-up.