MC4-Evo2 1500V DC Connector for 10mm2 Twin Pack ( Kit 1 )



Part No: MC4-EVO2-10MM-CONN-2-PACK Cables – Connectors

This part is made up of the following items:

2 x MC4-EVO2-10-FEM
MC4-Evo2 1500V DC Female Connector 10mm2 – Single
2 x MC4-EVO2-10-MAL
MC4-Evo2 1500V DC Male Connector 10mm2 – Single
The MC4-Evo2 10mm2 is the latest addition to the Stäubli Electrical Connectors PV connector portfolio.
Internationally certified with IEC, UL, JET, cTÜVus.
Approved for 1500 V DC (IEC)
Rated current: 69A 10mm2
MULTILAM Technology, has proven the quality and durability several 100 million times since 2004
Suited for all climatic environments thanks to resistance to UV, ammonia, salt-mist spray and high IP class (IP68)
A pack of 2x MC4-EVO2 10mm Male and 2x MC4-EVO2 10mm Female cable couplers (including insulating part).
This part is for use with 10mm2  (8 AWG) DC cable ONLY. 
Supplier code: 32.0092P0001-UR and 32.0093P0001-UR    – for use with 4mm2 & 6mm2 with an outside diameter of 6.4mm-8.4mm