Hanger bolt kit 10x200 assembled



Part No: SLT-110010-200 Mounting – Roof Anchor- Hanger Bolts

Hanger bolts  
Roof cladding: Corrugated roofs & trapezoidal sheet
Hanger bolts For corrugated sheets (such as those of fiber cement) or trapezoidal sheet metal roofs, so-called fastening kits for corrugated roofs are used, comprising a special hanger bolt with EPDM gasket (will need additional mounting plate). Please note that thread lengths can deviate from the corresponding figures.
Hanger bolt kit with vulcanized EPDM gasket (UV-resistant) and 3 high-grade steel flange nuts (V4A), assembled
Hanger bolt kit 10 × 200 assembled M10 × 200 mm