AC Protection Box 2 inputs 60kW - 1 output 250A



Part No: ACDB-125A-250A-2-1 Protection – AC Protection Box

AC Protection Box
Protect your whole commercial system from AC surges with one box.
The AC Protection box is to be used as the protection between up to 2 grid-connected inverters and the utility grid. 
The AC Protection box is designed to protect the input to the inverter with the built in AC surge protection device and to protect the inverter from any potential cable fault that may occur between the output of the inverter and the point of common coupling with the grid.
The AC combiner board is also fitted with a power quality meter that displays information about the system such as Grid voltage, grid frequency, phase and system current (inverter output), Power factor, active and reactive power values.
2 Inputs, each rated at 125A.
Maximum input cable size: 35mm2
250A output breaker rating
AC Surge protection rating: 25kA
IP65 rated for external use
Installation Manual and Warranty documents are currently missing.  They will be loaded as soon as available from the manufacturer.
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