Solar Myth Busters – BUY & DIY… it’s easy.


Another wonderful perception that some adverts tend to create is that you can buy everything you need for your solar system and easily get anyone to install it or if you are rather handy you can do it yourself.

Myth or Truth?

In a recent interview with King Price Insurance spokesperson Wynand van Vuuren, on CapeTalk Radio, this very important Myth was busted.   As said in the interview there are so many product being imported by unregistered companies and they are sold all over.  

A very important topic was covered in this interview… Your building insurance….

All electrical connections as well as alternative power solutions such as Solar Panels, inverters and batteries has to be SABS approved and must be installed by an approved solar company. If not, you are placing your home at a massive risk, since insurance companies will not cover any damages in any type of unexpected event of loss.

Imagine you or anyone just install panels on your roof without knowing how to do this correctly and something happens during an ever so often thunderstorm.

Before you BUY and DIY, talk to our specialist team who will guide you in making the best sustainable decision that will suit your budget and your lifestyle.