Solar Myth Busters – Get off the grid today!


Many solar power advertisements state that it will get you off the grid.  Is this the truth or myth?

First… Let’s define off the grid:

To be off the grid means: Living without using the services of public or private utility companies.

Everyone is considering to invest in a  solar power solution, may your reason be to save money or have power during load shedding.

The reality is that it won’t take one installation and boom, you will never be without power and an electricity bill again.  To get off the grid will take time and will not require only a solar solution installation. 

Before falling for the next best solar advert you see, consider the following:

Have you changed all your light bulbs to LED? 

This will help reduce your electricity consumption as well as the size of the solar system that we’ll need to install.

Electrical appliances also use a lot of power.

You can save a lot of money by replacing your stove and heater with gas appliances.  Also replace your older appliances with A to A+++ energy efficient appliances. Just by doing this, you will already use much less electricity if you are on the grid, thus reducing your bill at the end of the month. 

Next, let’s talk about the technology…

You’ll need about 20 solar panels and some storage space for the batteries.  Which will need to be maintained (and replaced every 20 – 40 years).  The more you need the more the cost to maintain.

Lithium batteries need replacing every 8 to 10 years. Typical solar deep cycle batteries like lead, calcium or other AGM [absorbed glass mat] batteries only provide 1 500 to 2 500 recharges.   

The more resources or appliances you connect to your solar system the less efficiency you get from your solar or backup system.  

Another thing to keep in mind is, even if you plan to disconnect from the grid completely. All technology has limitations, what if your solar power system needs repair?  You will want the option to have the grid as a backup in such an event.

So truth be told…. OFF THE GRID…. IS A MYTH…

To get off the grid completely will not make sense, but changing to a more energy efficient future does.   

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