Back-up vs Self-Consumption Power Solutions, what’s the difference and what do you need?

The idea of going solar sounds great, but we acknowledge that it can be an expensive exercise which may not be a solution that will work for you.   As hybridization specialists we are in the business of consulting rather than selling something that will not work. 
Here’s a guide to help you understand the differences in the types of power solutions that can be installed to your business or home.   

Let’s start at looking at the 2 types of power solutions and what the difference is:

What is a back-up power solution?

A backup power solution consist of an inverter and batteries which is installed on your property db board.  This will offer you a solution to still have power in the case of a power outage or load shedding.  Because a back-up solution uses battery power, the battery will run out at some point and will need to be charged again. Thus it will need power from the municipal grid in order to charge.   

A back-up solution is a great solution for homes and small business to have a back-up power solution in case of a power outage.  Depending on the amount of connections, our back-up solutions will be able to give you 6-7 hours of electricity on an essential load.

What is a self consumption solution?

A self consumption solution consist of batteries, an inverter and solar panels.  This will offer a power solution that will feed approximately 40% of your electricity load from solar panels.  Which means this solution will be able to save the amount of power you are using from the municipal grid. And essentially reduce your monthly electricity bill.  Will you save money if you’re paying for batteries?  Maybe not, but it’s possible to change to an energy efficient lifestyle and that will definitely save you money.

That's great, but what do you actually need? Which of these profiles describes you best?

The Tenant

I am renting a property and don't want to spend money on something I need to leave behind when I move.

You need a mobile back-up kit

This is a free-standing back-up solution that we can disconnect and move to your new home.

The Old habits die-hard

I'm not going to make any drastic lifestyle changes now, like changing to gas appliances, but I do want some power solution in the case of a power outage.

You need a back-up kit

This is a back-up power solution that will be able to supply some essential appliances in your home in the case of a power outage. Unlike a mobile back-up kit, this will be sold with your property and can be somewhat expensive in battery replacements in the long run.

The Renovator

I bought an old property which need some TLC. I still have some lifestyle changes to make, but will want to have a solar power solution one day.

You need a solar ready back-up kit

This is a back-up power solution that will be able to supply some essential appliances in your home in the case of a power outage. This will eventually be able to become a self-consumption solution when you have made the lifestyle changes you need.

The Eco Leader

I have changed my home and lifestyle to all energy efficient appliances, gas and LED lights.

You are ready for a solar solution

This is a self-consumption kit that consist of batteries, an inverter and solar panels. You still need the municipal grid as a back-up, however, your home will use 40% of the electricity needed from the sun. Which will reduce your monthly grid usage.